OASIS Bottle
Service & VIP Section Club

For a fun night out, birthday parties or any other type of celebration, take advantage of OASIS VIP bottle service deals. We offer more competitive prices that downtown nightclubs. 

For VIP Bottle Service Deals Call us NOW at 720.504.0033 or text 720.671.9517

Oasis nightclub aims to be the best VIP service club in Denver. We are but one of the few eastern Denver clubs with VIP sections and that offer best pricing for top shelf bottles. Limited seating and VIP table available.

One of the perks of going to an upscale nightclub in Denver is that you can experience high-end customer service and VIP nightclub status by ordering full VIP section.

Oasis VIP Bottle Service Deals

VIP tables and nightclub VIP sections are booked quickly every week. Depending on the type of bottle or amount of your guests, we can provide suitable nightclub VIP sections to make your experience a memorable one. Call us to reserve your VIP table and VIP Bottle Service.

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  • GIN
  • RUM
  • And lots more

TEXT 720.671.9517 OR CALL 720.504.0033 – MUST BE 25 OR OLDER TO BE ADMITTED

full bottle service in aurora colorado and Denver

At the Oasis Nightclub Denver, we offer some of the best bottle service deals around. We have the lower-end bottles to choose from and some of the more popular high-end brands.

As one of the Top VIP Section Clubs in Denver, We want to make sure that you have a pleasurable experience. If there is a specific type of drink or bottle that you need, simply contact us ahead of time and place the order.

cumbia Mexican night club Denver latin dancing Sunday

TO RESERVE YOUR VIP TABLE CALL US AT 720.504.0033 (Leave Message) or text 720.671.9517.

Limited seating and VIP table available.

Oasis Bottle Service Night Club

How does bottle service work?

Compared to table service where you enter a dance club and find the first empty table or chair, reserving bottle service and nightclub VIP sections in a bar or nightclub means something completely different.

When you reserve bottles or a VIP table at our nightclub, we reserve tables in the elite and well-defined areas of the dance club.

Generally, the seating areas are roped off to the general clientele. This gives a feeling of prestige. Bottle service is similar to booking a first-class ticket on an airplane.

If you reserve a VIP table or bottle service at the Oasis Night Club, then you are able to skip the line or enter through our personal VIP entrance.

Get Information About Our Ladies Night,  Latin Night, and R&B Nights.

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