Dress Code at Oasis Night Club

The Oasis Night Club in Denver, Colorado enforces its dress code, exercises its sole discretion as to what is acceptable or not. Patrons are advised that security and staff will enforce the dress code to the maximum extent. By not following the dress code, patrons run the risk of being asked to leave the establishment or not being allowed in. The following include but is not limited to dress code:

  • No slides or flip flops
  • No athletic apparel which does include but not limited to: jerseys, sweatpants, joggers, gym shorts, non khaki or jean shorts, Dickies, bandanna’s (even if worn as a mask) clothing that includes the bandanna material/pattern. 
  • No clothing that can be considered gang paraphernalia 
  • No tank tops and or wife beaters. 
  • Hats must be worn facing the front and not backwards or sideways

Disclaimer: The Oasis reserves the right be make subjective decisions as to who is complying with the dress code and who is not. If patrons enter the facility and then change their appearance that then compromises their compliance with the dress code, then they may be asked to leave without a refund.